Go from ‘classroom’ English to ‘how long have you lived here?’ English

The only pronunciation course you need to understand British accents and feel comfortable speaking to people all over the UK.


Do you ever hear British people speak and wonder, ‘...what the hell are they talking about?’


So, you’ve moved to the UK to work, study or start a new chapter. You’re excited to climb the career ladder, enjoy a vibrant social life and integrate with the locals.

But wait… the English they’re using sounds nothing like the English you know. What sounds are they making? Where are all these accents from? And why does everyone swallow their words!?

You know your English is good. But the coursebooks didn’t prepare you for this.

Maybe you studied standard pronunciation, or perhaps you learnt what you know by listening. Either way, arriving here may have left you feeling…

1Conscious of how you sound

Pronunciation is taking up too much space in your brain. You’re overthinking every word and noticing every mistake, especially when you’re chatting with the locals.

2Shy to speak to people

Colleagues, classmates, neighbours — they speak fast and slur their words, making every conversation a challenge. And if they also have a strong accent? Let’s hope they didn’t ask a question…

3Unable to express yourself fully

There’s so much you want to say. However, when you try to say it, you freeze! You don’t want to stand out or be judged — or have to keep repeating yourself.

What if you could easily understand British English?

Most English courses only teach Received Pronunciation, which is an accent used by just 2% of the British population. That’s why most people you meet sound nothing like you expect.

If you want to express yourself clearly, blend in with the locals and get the most out of life in Britain, you need to do more than learn Received Pronunciation. You need to understand the variety of accents that people ACTUALLY use.

And that’s where we come in.


British Pronunciation 101:

Get Ready For Life In The UK

The only online British English pronunciation course that prepares you for life ANYWHERE in the UK.

Through self-paced modules, fun real-life practice exercises and live weekly calls, you’ll master the sounds of Received Pronunciation AND other accents so you can understand and speak to everyone — from the Mancunian barista at your local Starbucks to the Welsh guy at work.

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“Before, I wasn't always 100% sure if I pronounced the words correctly. I often mixed up British and American pronunciation. Now I pay much more attention to my pronunciation. I also feel much more confident.”


PAULINA - Poland

Feel less like a tourist and more like a local

…in just 6 weeks

Master the sounds and rules of British English pronunciation and discover how to pronounce any word correctly.

Untangle those crazy British accents that sound like another language and feel at ease chatting to people from all over the country.

Practise different real-life conversations so you’re ready to respond to anyone, whether you’re in the office, on the phone or in the pub.

Learn to express yourself clearly and authentically so you can get your point across (without having to repeat yourself!).

Feel more connected to your surroundings with a deeper understanding of British accents, people and culture.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside British Pronunciation 101: Get Ready For Life In The UK

Getting Started

From making the most of the course to choosing which regional accent you should learn, this module covers everything you need to set yourself up for success as you move through the rest of the course.

We’ll cover:
✔ How to get the most from the course
✔ The 30+ different British accents
✔ Choosing which accent is best for you

“Since completing the course, the change in my pronunciation has been remarkable. I feel much more at ease speaking in English, and I've noticed a significant improvement in how I'm understood. Whether it's ordering at a cafe or presenting at work meetings, I now speak with clarity and confidence. On top of this, I love British culture and enjoy a lot when expanding my knowledge on it."


ERIC - Spain

In addition to the course, you’ll also get…

Real-life practice exercises

You’ll practise using lots of full-speed audio clips of different accents, so you’re well-prepared for any conversation.

Test videos

Test yourself at the end of each module by answering questions and completing real-world tasks.

Fun interactive quizzes

Have a go at our fun interactive quizzes and see how much you’re learning!

Printable module Guides

Professionally designed module guides come with worksheets, transcripts and notes that you can download and print.


Live weekly Pronunciation Sessions

As well as 50+ videos filled with detailed pronunciation lessons, tests and quizzes, you’ll also get to join us once per week for our live online Pronunciation Clinic.

Come along to ask questions, practise speaking and get feedback from Teacher Tom while you’re working through the course.

The only pronunciation course you need to master British English

Choose your preferred package based on how much personal support you want.

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Standard Package

  • 10+ hours worth of in-depth pronunciation lessons
  • Real-life situation practice exercises
  • Videos and quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 5 printable module guides (with worksheets, transcripts + notes)
  • Lifetime access to the entire course
  • Access to the course community
  • 6 weekly Pronunciation Clinics with Teacher Tom
British Pronunciation 101 - Graphic 2.png__PID:60bbe91e-9077-4dea-a533-685af3ae7c22

Premium Package

  • 10+ hours worth of in-depth pronunciation lessons
  • Real-life situation practice exercises
  • Videos and quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 5 printable module guides (with worksheets, transcripts + notes)
  • Lifetime access to the entire course
  • Access to the course community
  • 6 weekly Pronunciation Clinics with Teacher Tom
  • Access to small ‘Tea Time’ group chats with up to 3 other Eat Sleep Dreamers
  • 6 weeks of recording tasks and personalised feedback and correction from Teacher Tom

Improving your pronunciation and understanding of British English is the key to creating…

1More opportunities

Whether you want to get a higher-paying job, start a business or make new professional connections, clear communication skills are the first step to making it happen.

2Closer friendships

When you can express yourself more authentically, you can create closer connections with the people around you and say what you’re thinking without worrying about being judged!

3More confidence

Confidence to put yourself forward for a promotion, share your ideas in meetings, start a conversation with your neighbour or say yes to that hot date 😉.

4More joy

The more comfortable you are communicating with people in the UK, the more connected you’ll feel to your surroundings, and the more you’ll enjoy your life here.

“If you need to improve your pronunciation skills and if you love British accent (specially Modern RP ) this course is for you without any hesitation. Everything is so well explained with lots of practice and examples. This course teaches us how the sounds are produced and how to pronounce them individually (vowels, diphthongs, consonants) which makes things easier to pronounce words correctly afterwards. As the course progresses, it’s easy to see our improvement and feel confident. I’m very happy to have started this course.”


LINE, Canada

Get started in 3 simple steps


Whether you want to get a higher-paying job, pass the IELTS exam or make English-speaking friends, clear communication skills are the first step to making it happen.


You’ll get instant access to the introduction module, so you can get to work immediately. After that, the next modules will arrive in your inbox weekly, keeping you accountable and motivated to study.


Join us weekly for a live Pronunciation Clinic where you can ask questions and practise speaking with Teacher Tom and the other Eat Sleep Dreamers. What better way to make sure you keep improving?


Hi, I’m Teacher Tom — a Londoner, British Pronunciation expert and Chief Eat Sleep Dreamer.

I’ve been a teacher for 17 years, working in Spain, Argentina, Hong Kong, London and online. And if my experience has taught me anything it’s that most teaching methods do not prepare you for the language you actually hear on the streets of the UK.

This funny little island nation is a melting pot of people and cultures, and I’m a big believer in celebrating that. That’s why this course doesn’t only teach you one way of speaking. It introduces you to the MANY sounds you’ll hear in everyday life in Britain so you can make the most out of every interaction.


How can you improve your pronunciation with an online course?

The truth is, live practice is only part of the process. Improving your pronunciation requires training certain muscles to move in new ways. So as well as speaking to people, you should also be practising regularly on your own.

Packed with detailed video lessons, real-life exercises and fun interactive quizzes, British Pronunciation 101: Get Ready For Life In The UK gives you ALL the tools and guidance you need to see real results. Plus, you can also join us live once per month to put everything into practice!

British Pronunciation 101 - Graphic 6.png__PID:685af3ae-7c22-4eeb-ad16-e57d717ea2b5

If you put in the work, you will see (and hear) remarkable results, even if…

  • You’ve lived in the UK for years and still feel like you don’t sound ‘local’.
  • You’ve tried taking pronunciation lessons before and you were disappointed with the results.
  • You just know the names of the English letters and not the specific sounds (maybe IPA sounds like something you find in your local pub).
  • The accents you hear sound like another language to you right now and you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to learn it (you will).
  • You don’t live in the UK and don’t have many opportunities to practise speaking (that’s what the weekly live sessions are for).

And if British Pronunciation 101: Get Ready For Life In The UK doesn’t live up to your expectations?


Try it, test it, apply it, and if you decide it’s not what you’re looking for, email me within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund*.

That’s how confident we are that you’ll see incredible changes in how you speak, think and feel in English.

*You need to have completed at least 60% of the course to be eligible.

"Your pronunciation course was brilliant. Thank you for your kindness, your knowledge, your patience, your time and everything."


ANET - Hungary

You need this course if…

  • You can understand Teacher Tom but find it difficult to follow your British colleagues, classmates, friends or neighbours when they speak.
  • You’re conscious of your pronunciation, which often distracts you from what you’re saying when chatting to the locals.
  • You want to learn the varied sounds of British English so you can pronounce words correctly and be understood easily.
  • You’re ready to reach a higher level at work, make closer friendships and feel more like yourself when speaking English.

You don’t need this course if…

  • You can easily understand British people in everyday conversation, no matter which regional accent they have.
  • You aren’t prepared to commit just 10 minutes per day to studying and practising pronunciation.
  • You would rather take live lessons with a teacher, either in-person or online.
  • You want to learn American English pronunciation rather than British.

Do you have questions?

This is a self-paced course that you can study at your own pace. If you are able to commit 10-15 minutes per day to studying, you will complete it in around 6 weeks. However, we recommend regularly reviewing the content you’ve covered to consolidate your learning.

There is no official deadline to finish the course. However, we advise making time to work through it consistently so you make good progress. You’ll get out what you put in!

Ready to make the most out of life in the UK?

It’s time to go from wondering what people are saying to enjoying every conversation — even if they have a super strong accent.

If you're going to invest in your pronunciation, you may as well learn it ALL, right?

Are you still on the fence?

We want you to feel 100% happy with your decision to join British Pronunciation 101: Get Ready For Life In The UK So if you want to chat about whether this course is right for you, send Teacher Tom a message and ask.