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A Really British Guide to Business English

A Really British Guide to Business English is a comprehensive digital book designed to help English learners thrive in the workplace. It's filled with modern business English vocabulary, cultural tips on working in the UK and practical mini-lessons, making it the perfect book for business professionals and language learners alike. There is also an accompanying audio guide for all 555 words and phrases. 

Private Consultations with Teacher Tom

  • Private One-to-One Class

    Work with Teacher Tom in your own private one-to-one class and receive the expert help you need to improve your English.

    Teacher Tom will tailor the classes to suit your needs: whether that's vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, listening, culture etc. All levels of English welcome.

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  • Pronunciation Consultation with English expert Teacher Tom

    Are you struggling with your English pronunciation? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Speaking English is hard! What you need is an expert to guide you to fluency and that’s why Teacher Tom is here to help…

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About Tom

Tom started Eat Sleep Dream English in 2016 with the aim of taking his passion for teaching to a global audience. He wanted students around the world to learn fresh modern British English, the language that’s actually used in the streets, offices, and homes of the UK. Tom has been a teacher for 13 years, working in Spain, Argentina, Hong Kong, and his home city of London. Through YouTube, his classroom has now grown to millions of students around the world.