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Private One-to-One Class

Private One-to-One Class

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Work with Teacher Tom in your own private one-to-one class and receive the expert help you need to improve your English.

What will you study?

Anything you want! Teacher Tom will tailor the classes to suit your needs: whether that's vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, listening, culture etc.

All levels of English welcome.

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Does this sound like you?

➧ I can converse in English, but I still don’t feel 100% confident with colleagues, friends and new people I meet.

➧ I often have to repeat myself so that people can understand me.

➧ I have taken many English classes with 12+ students where I don’t get the individual help and attention I need to really make improvements.

➧I have difficulties making certain English sounds and it’s stopping me from communicating properly with people.

➧ I want to improve my English pronunciation for work, university or travelling the world.

The good news is, these are all fixable!

I’ve worked with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of students in my career to help them overcome their fears and doubts about their English. 

And I’d love to work with you too!

Private one-to-one class (online) 

50 minutes 

Work with Teacher Tom in your own private one-to-one class and receive the expert help you need to improve your English.

The best part? You can study whatever you want!

Teacher Tom will customise the classes to meet your specific requirements, whether it's enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, listening, cultural knowledge, and more.

All classes will be held over Zoom and you can choose the time you want by going to the calendar and picking any available slots.

Please note, all classes are 50 minutes long. All levels of English welcome.

Pick your package:

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What's the schedule?

The Private One-to-One classes are available Monday to Friday at various times.

How do I book my Private One-To-One Class? 

Step 1: You purchase your Private One-To-One Class(es).
Ps: you can buy as many as you want!

Step 2: We email you a link to book your classes at the time/day that suits you.

Step 3: You tell Teacher Tom what you want to learn, so he can create the perfect lesson for you. It could be anything from vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, British slang, British accents or British culture… whatever you want!

Step 4: You’ll have your class(es) with Teacher Tom.  

I am Teacher Tom, your British English teacher! 

I live in London and I teach fresh modern British English to millions of students around the world on YouTube, Instagram and here in my online courses. 

I have over 15 years’ professional teaching experience having taught in the UK, Spain, Argentina, Hong Kong and now online.  

Living abroad helped me appreciate just how hard it is to learn a new language…it’s not easy! That’s why I’m so focused on making learning English as fun and rewarding as possible for you! 

I love sharing my passion for REAL English, the stuff you’ll really see and hear in everyday life (not BORING text book English!). 

I’ve worked with the British Council, Cambridge University Press, International House and many professional English Premier League football players to help improve their English skills. 

I’d love to help you take your English to the next level and thrive in your English speaking world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes with Teacher Tom?

Yes, you will speak directly with Teacher Tom.

How many one-to-one classes can I do?

You can buy as many as you want, or go with one of the packages:

I live in London, can I do these classes in person?

Please email Teacher Tom directly to discuss this further.

What level of English do I need for the one-to-one classes?

All levels are welcome.

What platform do you use for the classes?

After you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to book your preferred time. Once that's scheduled, you'll get a confirmation email with the link to your Zoom class.

What time zone are all the classes?

Classes are in local London time, which is GMT +1.

What if I miss a private one-to-one class?

You need to give Teacher Tom 12 hours notice if you intend to miss a class, otherwise it will be registered as absent, and no refund will be available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kazuhiko Okuda
It was good fun!

I'm an intermediate English learner, but Teacher Tom spoke and explained things in the way I could understand what he was saying. The lesson was great and good fun! I enjoyed the lesson as a huge fan of his YouTube videos too.

Line T.
So useful !

Teacher Tom is the best! I’m learning a lot with him. The one-to-one class is ideal because you can target what you need to work on. Love it!